SAG-AFTRA Member.  Storytelling is in my Italian-American Neapolitan genes… from my first folk dance recital as a child doing the tarantella to performing Life With Father in high school--from studying theatre & art at NYU’s summer program, from hosting a television program on writing for the community to studying acting at NYFA and HB Studios, from performing on the stage and in film & television—my life’s journey has been immersed in one or another aspect of storytelling.

Much of the work that I have is from referrals.  For example, the camera operator on one short film, called me to act in his directorial debut short film…and an actor I worked with referred me to a job (and I referred an actor to a job that I felt she was perfect for)—that is really what I want… to work with a network of decent people (as a side benefit.. my mother has been known to bring homemade rice balls and pizzette on set—for the entire crew—maybe that’s why they call me back…hmm)

Currently, I am actively seeking television and film projects as well representation.  Please feel free to contact me by completing the form below.